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  • Cranimals Vibe

Cranimals Vibe

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Cranimals™ VIBE is a wholefood supplement especially for adult dogs. It provides a nutrient synergy of cranberry and algae derived antioxidants (anthocyanidins, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta carotene) and vegetarian DHA Omega 3. Cranimals™ VIBE contains spirulina, a green aglal superfood that has shown potential to help limit muscle damage during heavy exercise, while DHA Omega 3 may also help increase oxygen delivery and energy utilization. Cranimals™ VIBE helps also to support kidney, liver, brain, eye and skin health through detoxification while working to mitigate inflammatory damage. 

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Cranberry extract powder, dried seaweed meal powder, 

organic spirulina powder

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