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Dog Cuisine


Each is available in an array of meat choices in both air-dried pouches and easy-tab cans. ZiwiPeak’s Daily Dog air-dried Cuisines contain 85% meat and organs, while the Daily Dog Canned Food Cuisines contain 60% meat and organs. New Zealand Government Veterinarian Inspectors sign each Health Certificate for all our products. The Health Certificates state that New Zealand meat products are free of diseases such as classical swine fever (hog cholera), anthrax, avian influenza (fowl plague), bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), foot and mouth disease, rabies, among many other diseases. ZiwiPeak 'Cuisine' has the added advantage of New Zealand Mussel and essential vitamins and minerals, assisting in long term joint health.

ZiwiPeak Cuisines are suitable for dogs with common allergies.

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