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About Us

The founding of Pet Etc Limited was inspired by our sheltie, Jubee.  She joined our family at just 3 months old.  Similar to most new pet owners’ experiences, she got sick within her first week of arrival with a suspicion of distemper.  The veterinary told us to expect the worst.  Fortunately, under our love and care, Jubee fully recovered.
Since then, we have spent endless nights searching for a high quality and nutritious diet and the right supplements for her.  Acknowledging the importance of pet nutrition, we have also become experts with the ingredients on the label and what we can do to ensure our pets live long, happy lives.
Pet Etc Limited is a unique supplier of pet supplies.  Jubee, of course, is our taste-tester.  We would only carry products that we are willing to feed or use on her.  There is a Chinese saying, “if you don’t use it on yourself, don’t force it on others”, and we follow this motto religiously.  Pet Etc Limited only carry natural product free of preservatives, toxins, and pesticides.  We believe that it is the quality, not the quantity that counts.  Good health is equally important to our pet companions as it is to us humans.  Many common and degenerative diseases are preventable when our furry friends eat right and get the right amount of exercise, just like us.  Your pets are unique, precious and irreplaceable and we will strive to help your pets enjoy their lives to the fullest. 
Our mission is to bring healthy, high quality products into your home for your special family member, best friend, and life companion.

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