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Independent Pet Food Nutrition Research Study

Tue 10 August 2010 12:00am


An Independent Pet Food Nutrition Research Study has been undertaken by John R. Martinez, MBA, located in the USA. He is studying for Veterinary Medical School and his study seeks to identify a simple approach for the average Pet Owner to assess and identify pet foods. The report assess 245 different pet foods and scores them based on:

Foods that are Wholesome and made with unprocessed ingredients
The health benefits of commercial pet foods
The parallels between pet food company practices and product formulation
Developing an initial screen for food selection by the average pet owner
The Higher the score the food achieves the better the product. The maximum possible score is 38
Of 245 pet foods, ZiwiPeak scored the highest
- Each of ZiwiPeak’s three Cuisine formulas scored 38 out of a maximum possible score of 38
- Each Cuisine formula score is detailed in the full report
Statistical results for the total sample of other dry (kibble) food and non-extruded dry foods:
- Median = 20
- Top quartile (75th Percentile) = 23
Please refer to the chart on the full report for the distribution of scores for the total sample



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